About Piano Man

Tim Williams has been playing music since 4th grade, and after a stint as a high school English teacher, turned it into a career. He has performed in bands since the early '90s, including his long-running current band, The Hopheadz.

But for the past 14 years, he's been best known as THE local kids' musician, "Piano Man." Tim appears on a regular basis at many local preschools, where he delights the 3-5-year-old crowd with clever original songs (like "Jackrabbit" or "Monkey Feet") as well as classics ("Take Me Out to the Ballgame"), holiday tunes and a rendition of "Happy Birthday" that is second-to-none.

IMG_1533Where did he learn the musical hearts of children, the musical breaking point of parents? By being a father himself, of course: his three children inspire him, perform on several of his albums, and continue to make their Piano Man daddy proud every single day: Jacob (23), Molly (20) and Livi (18).